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IT Solutions
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Iway Tech Solution provides Telecommunications Services Providers to achieve IT transformation and costs optimization by offering services in applications development & maintenance and systems integration. We provide domain expertise in several critical TSP business processes: Billing, operations support systems, business support systems, network assurance, service assurance and delivery.


​In today's highly competitive manufacturing environment, the ability of manufacturers to retain and increase their market share depends on the ability to contain costs, improve operating efficiencies, and decrease time-to-market for new products. Iway Tech Solution Manufacturing Practice provides a range of solutions that address these issues. Our commitment to customers and a proven track record of meeting their business demands have resulted in long-standing relationships with global clients.

Healthcare / Insurance

Our processes and systems are built to serve specific industry vertical. There is an immense amount of synergy among these segments and in our solutions catering to them. Typically, when a Healthcare Provider delivers its services to an insured, the Provider is dependent on the speed at which his claim is paid for. It needs for an efficient transaction mechanism between the Insurer and the Provider. Deploying a solution calls for a through understanding of the business processes of the Provider and the Insurer.


Iway Tech Solution has domain experts exclusively focusing on helping global corporations across these segments with innovative and ever-improving solutions and services.

Energy & Utilities

Iway Tech Solution provides Oil & Gas companies IT solutions built on a strong foundation of its Enterprise Applications practice and its maturity as a global IT sourcing provider.

The Enterprise Applications practice has many consultants who have delivered solutions to Global clients.

Till date, Iway Tech Solution has catered to over 3 distinct clients in the Oil & Gas industry and has in its portfolio of ongoing engagements one of the largest Integrated Oil Companies in the world.


Iway Tech Solution helps Public Sector clients harness the power of information technology to improve performance. Iway Tech Solution provides customized services and solutions for civilian and defense Federal agencies as well as state and local governments, globally.

Government Solutions that Cater to Unique Challenges A combination of changed circumstances related to tight budgets, recruitment and retention challenges, electronic service delivery initiatives and leadership continuity, have all forced Federal, State and Local governments to modify their technology strategies towards enterprise architecture, IT standards and interoperability.

Equally, the diverse "business functions" of the public sector, due to the wide-range of domain initiatives and complex rule structures, require appropriate technology and support to successfully perform agency functions, report outcomes, and effectively service citizens while at the same time continuously trying to reduce additional investments and operational costs.


Iway Tech Solution Banking & Financial Services solutions enables Financial Institutions, whether, they are commercial bank, an investment bank or a credit card company, fulfill customer demands while keeping costs in line. Iway Tech Solution banking and Financial services professionals have broad and deep knowledge of the industry and the technologies required to give enterprises a competitive edge.

Iway Tech Solution industry segment expertise includes asset management companies, ATM manufacturers, community banks, credit card companies and processors, credit unions, custodians, investment banks, institutional investors, mortgage banks, mutual funds, pension funds, retail banks, wholesale banks, securities brokerages, and stock exchanges. We bring you valuable knowledge gained through our experience in delivering innovative technology solutions for some of the world's leading banks and financial services firms.


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